Talk To 10-15 Ultra-Qualified Leads Per Month

Develop Relationships With An Unending Flow of  Your Ideal Prospects on LinkedIn


Your Next Steps...

First off, did you watch the complete video, above?

Great - Now That You've Watched It...Ask Yourself If You're Ready To Make A CHANGE. You've Seen The Steps In The Video - Are You Prepared To Do What It Takes To Create Your Own Strategic LinkedIn Leads Funnel?

              The fastest way to get this system implemented the RIGHT way:

=> Schedule your 1 on 1 Strategic BEEP Discovery Session to help you create a plan to execute. In the past we've charged up to $497 for these sessions, but for a limited time we're underwriting the cost as we branch out to a nationwide audience - only for a limited time.

Why are we doing this? Because just like you, we're in the business of building long-term relationships, and we know that "what goes around comes around."

You know that if you just let this go, chances are it won't happen, right?! -:) So take action NOW!

In this Discovery Session You Will Work With Our Coach to:

  • cog
    Identify exactly what in the Strategic BEEP process you have completed and what you need to develop
  • cog
    Assess the value of your present LinkedIn connections, profile and other assets
  • cog
    Decide exactly how long it will take you to begin seeing leads begin to come into your inbox
  • cog
    Take a look at your present cost per lead, lifetime value of a customer, and what you can expect for ROI on implementing the S-BEEP System
  • cog
    Determine if you're actually able to execute this plan yourself, of if you need outsourced support

Create Your Customize

S-BEEP Strategy


Get your pipeline overflowing with ultra-qualified leads


Turn them into ready buyers asking for your business

What People Are Saying:

"We set up our entire lead and sales system with Sales QB - and the targeted lead gen has been key. Without a steady flow of qualified leads, our salespeople are pretty much useless. SO glad for this system!"

Nataile Bobila

-Vice President, Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc.

“As a business owner you couldn’t go wrong working with Sales QB - Henri has a good fundamental knowledge of what all businesses need to develop the right marketing and sales processes to grow a business. We grew almost too fast - then had to slow down and get our customer service in line with all the new patients!"

Ed Lee

- Founder, PTSAC

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